NTSI Ltd. is a leading provider of multidisciplinary solutions used in various industries, and in the construction industry in particular.
The company’s activities include the production, import and distribution of products in the categories that NTSI leads in Israel.
The company serves construction companies, government institutions, hospitals, the textile industry, malls, shopping centers, local authorities, institutional bodies and individuals while accompanying and training to achieve the best result and in accordance with the customer’s needs and requirements.

The company’s products are based on the forefront of technology, meet local and international standards and have been proven to be market leaders

NTSi Ltd was awarded the seal of trust at the PREMIUM level by the Dan & Bradstreet company. The PREMIUM quality seal is awarded to businesses with the highest financial risk score, which is about 3% of all businesses in ISRAEL. This prestigious seal indicates its financial strength, its business stability and the degree of reliability of the company and how the company is perceived in the business arena in ISRAEL.

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Our differentiation
This is our commitment

Our commitment is to continue to lead the industry in the company’s strong categories while providing excellent service, professional guidance, and value. NTSI’s vision guides the daily work of all company employees and management. We constantly strive to expand the product portfolio and provide added value to our customers while taking initiative, innovation and creativity. This is our commitment to our customers, employees and shareholders.

The Team
This is our heart

We see the human resource as the main asset for the company’s growth and in providing a reliable and professional service to our customers. NTSI employees are professionals, experts in their field, with a passion for innovation, service delivery and problem solving. The company’s employees are committed to the principles of service and fairness, as well as to understanding the needs, processes and applications to the highest standards. Our mutual commitment creates a family and a pleasant work atmosphere.

The way to stay relevant

Throughout its years of operation NTSI has continuously engaged in the introduction of chemical and technological innovation in order to streamline processes and improve our products in a way that will be more efficient and effective and meet the needs of our customers. The company’s products are based on stat of the art technologies, meet local and international standards and have been proven to be market leaders. We invest a lot of resources in order to bring innovation to the Israeli market.


The differentiation
We are not like the others

NTSI has extensive collaborations with R&D companies in Israel and abroad. We have an advanced laboratory to examine materials and solutions and we can change the product compositions to suit tailor made applications to our customers’ changing needs. This flexibility creates our clear advantage over the competition. We have a program for continuous improvement to be stronger and bigger, and to support the challenges of the industry for many years to come!

Environment and society
Our responsibility

NTSI is committed to doing the right thing, behaving legally, ethically and reliably; Maintaining our regulatory obligations; And compliance with the spirit of our business policies.

NTSI recognizes a shared responsibility to protect our planet. We reduce the environmental impact through methods of conservation, conservation and waste reduction. As well as striving to develop as many user-friendly and environmentally friendly products as possible.

Employees – We take seriously our responsibility to protect, support and invest in our employees such as in workplace safety, health and quality of life, diversity and inclusion, training and development.

our responsibility

Management & Directors

Tomer Peri
Founder, Director, CEO
B.A IDC Herzliya
M.B.A Ono Academic College
Nano technician, IHK Saarland
Asaf Zimet
Partner, Director
B.A IDC Herzliya
Nano technician, IHK Saarland
Tzali Reshef
Partner, Director
B.A in Economics and Law, The Hebrew University
M.A. in Law, Harvard University, USA
CEO of Arlden Investments Ltd.
Partner, Director
B.A Economics and Statistics at the Hebrew University
Tax advisor and license holder for portfolio management.
VP of Finance Arlden Group Ltd.
Zehev Zimet
Partner, Director
Zevik Pinkas
מצא את החנות הקרובה אליך